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  • Illegal immigrant workers ask not to be deported while Congress debates

    Marta Espinoza Lopez, 62, spent the past decade bent over a sewing machine in Arizona, stitching men’s work jackets and vests. In February, Lopez said, immigration agents swept through the factory and arrested her and other workers who are in the country illegally. This week, a few days after being released, Lopez drove to Washington… Read More »

    Jul 23, 2013
  • New US immigration bill to benefit Indian skilled workers: report

    The Senate version of the comprehensive immigration bill would benefit Indian skilled workers in the US, the Obama Administration said on Friday. “Over all the (Senate Immigration) bill and its provisions around H-1B visas would not only be good to the United States but also would be good for India as well,” a senior administration… Read More »

    Jul 20, 2013
  • U.S. Senate proposes new immigrant ranking plan as protestors march on D.C

    In the midst of an anti-immigration march on DC today, the House is gearing up to review a new bill handed down by the Senate, and it would appear that United States Senate is, on paper, actually on the cusp of making some real headway on a terribly divisive topic. It’s no secret that the U.S.… Read More »

    Jul 18, 2013
  • Saudi Arabia regularises status of 40 lakh expatriate workers

    Saudi Arabia has completed regularisation of nearly four million foreign workers in the last four months as part of its ‘Nitaqat’ programme, with 1.18 million expats choosing to change their profession. “As many as 1.12 million expats corrected their professions until July 6. We have also issued and renewed more than 1.6 million work permits… Read More »

    Jul 18, 2013
  • Going to UK for education? Higher studies in Germany & France may be cheaper & easier

    During his state visit to India in February, French president Francois Hollande unveiled a plan to increase the number of Indian students studying in France by 50% in the next five years. Ambitious? Perhaps, but not unrealistic. After all, the country did achieve that target last year – in 2012, almost 2,600 Indian students opted for… Read More »

    Jul 15, 2013
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