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What is the Provincial Nominee Program [PNP] of Canada?

Posted on June 10, 2020
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What is the Provincial Nominee Program

Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program [PNP] is regarded to be a fast-tracked route to Canada’s permanent residence.

Fetching 600 additional Comprehensive Ranking System [CRS] points, a provincial nomination by any of the provinces/territories participating in the PNP boosts an individual’s profile to the top of the Express Entry pool.

As per the Canadian government, the PNP is for workers that –

Have the education, skills and work experience to make a contribution to the economy of a particular province or territory,
Have the intention to live in that province or territory, and
Want to take up Canadian permanent residence

With the exception of Quebec and Nunavut, all other provinces and territories – that is, 9 provinces and 2 territories – in Canada are a part of the PNP.

PNP ProvincesPNP Territories
AlbertaNorthwest Territories
British ColumbiaYukon
New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island

While Quebec has its own program for the induction of immigrants to the province, Nunavut has no immigration programs as such.

Along with having their own requirements, each of the provinces and territories taking part in the PNP has its own immigration programs specifically targeting certain groups. These are referred to as ‘streams’.

A stream might target –

Skilled workers
Semi-skilled workers
Business people

Altogether, the PNP offers around 80 different streams for a potential immigrant to Canada.

An Overview of the Streams Available under PNP –

Sl. No. Province/Territory PNP Program Pathway
1AlbertaAINPAlberta Opportunity Stream [AOS]
2AlbertaAINPAlberta Express Entry Stream
3AlbertaAINPSelf-Employed Farmer Stream.
4British ColumbiaBC PNPSkills Immigration – Skilled Worker
5British ColumbiaBC PNPSkills Immigration – Healthcare Professional
6British ColumbiaBC PNPSkills Immigration – International Graduate
7British ColumbiaBC PNPSkills Immigration – International Post-Graduate
8British ColumbiaBC PNPSkills Immigration – Entry Level and Semi-Skilled (Including employment in the Northeast Development Region of B.C.)
9British ColumbiaBC PNPExpress Entry BC – Skilled Worker
10British ColumbiaBC PNPExpress Entry BC – Healthcare Professional
11British ColumbiaBC PNPExpress Entry BC – International Graduate
12British ColumbiaBC PNPExpress Entry BC – International Post-Graduate
13British ColumbiaBC PNPEntrepreneur Immigration – Base Category
14British ColumbiaBC PNPEntrepreneur Immigration – Regional Pilot [EI – Regional Pilot]
15British ColumbiaBC PNPStrategic Projects [for corporations]
16ManitobaMPNPSkilled Workers in Manitoba [SWM]
17ManitobaMPNPSkilled Workers in Manitoba – Manitoba Experience Pathway
18ManitobaMPNPSkilled Workers in Manitoba – Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway
19ManitobaMPNPSkilled Workers Overseas [SWO]
20ManitobaMPNPSkilled Workers Overseas – Manitoba Express Entry Pathway
21ManitobaMPNPSkilled Workers Overseas – Human Capital Pathway
22ManitobaMPNPInternational Education Stream – Career Employment Pathway
23ManitobaMPNPInternational Education Stream – Graduate Internship Pathway
24ManitobaMPNPInternational Education Stream – Student Entrepreneur Pilot
25ManitobaMPNPBIS – Entrepreneur Pathway
26ManitobaMPNPBIS – Farm Investor Pathway
27New BrunswickNBPNPNew Brunswick Express Entry Labour Market Stream
28New BrunswickNBPNPNew Brunswick Skilled Worker with Employer Support
29New BrunswickNBPNPNew Brunswick Entrepreneurial stream
30New BrunswickNBPNPNew Brunswick Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial stream
31New Foundland and LabradorNL PNPExpress Entry Skilled Worker
32New Foundland and LabradorNL PNPSkilled Worker
33New Foundland and LabradorNL PNPInternational Graduate
34New Foundland and LabradorNL PNPInternational Entrepreneur
35New Foundland and LabradorNL PNPInternational Graduate Entrepreneur
36Nova ScotiaNSNPNova Scotia Demand: Express Entry
37Nova ScotiaNSNPNova Scotia Experience: Express Entry
38Nova ScotiaNSNPNova Scotia Labour Market Priorities
39Nova ScotiaNSNPOccupations in Demand
40Nova ScotiaNSNPInternational Graduate Entrepreneur
41Nova ScotiaNSNPLabour Market Priorities for Physicians
42Nova ScotiaNSNPPhysician
43Nova ScotiaNSNPEntrepreneur
44Nova ScotiaNSNPSkilled Worker
45OntarioOINPIn-Demand Skills stream
46OntarioOINPForeign Worker stream
47OntarioOINPInternational Student with a Job Offer stream
48OntarioOINPMaster’s Graduate stream
49OntarioOINPPhD Graduate stream
50OntarioOINPSkilled Trades Stream [Express Entry]
51OntarioOINPHuman Capital Priorities Stream [Express Entry]
52OntarioOINPFrench-Speaking Skilled Worker stream [Express Entry]
53OntarioOINPEntrepreneur stream
54Prince Edward IslandPEI PNPCritical Worker stream
55Prince Edward IslandPEI PNPInternational Graduate stream
56Prince Edward IslandPEI PNPSkilled Worker in PEI stream
57Prince Edward IslandPEI PNPSkilled Worker outside Canada stream
58Prince Edward IslandPEI PNPExpress Entry stream
59Prince Edward IslandPEI PNPWork Permit Stream
60SaskatchewanSINPInternational Skilled Worker: Employment Offer
61SaskatchewanSINPInternational Skilled Worker: Occupation In-Demand
62SaskatchewanSINPInternational Skilled Worker: Saskatchewan Express Entry
63SaskatchewanSINPSaskatchewan Experience: Skilled Worker with Existing Work Permit
64SaskatchewanSINPSaskatchewan Experience: Semi-skilled Agriculture Worker with Existing Work Permit
65SaskatchewanSINPSaskatchewan Experience: Health Professionals
66SaskatchewanSINPSaskatchewan Experience: Hospitality Sector
67SaskatchewanSINPSaskatchewan Experience: Long-Haul Truck Driver
68SaskatchewanSINPSaskatchewan Experience: Students
70SaskatchewanSINPInternational Graduate Entrepreneur
71SaskatchewanSINPFarm Owner and Operator
72Northwest TerritoriesNTNPEmployer-Driven: Critical Impact Worker
73Northwest TerritoriesNTNPEmployer-Driven: Skilled Worker
74Northwest TerritoriesNTNPEmployer-Driven: Express Entry
75Northwest TerritoriesNTNPBusiness
76YukonYNPSkilled Worker
77YukonYNPExpress Entry
78YukonYNPCritical Impact Worker
79YukonYNPBusiness Nominee

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